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OCR A level Applied Health & Social Care

This course provides a broad understanding of the health, social care and early years services and is made up of three units at AS level and 3 units at A2 level. In year 12 and 13 students have to produce coursework comprising of four portfolios and two written exams in total.

What does the course involve?

There are elements of Sociology, Psychology and Biology within the course and students will apply their knowledge in a realistic and practical way including case studies, a small health promotion campaign, small research projects and work experience in a care setting .Students use this experience to develop their communication skills and gather information form primary and secondary sources This course is extremely valuable in that one portfolio involves students developing theoretical knowledge about the importance of communication and the practical assessment is carrying out an interaction with a client to display the students verbal and non- verbal communication skills. This unit involves researching how a client communicates and the barriers that can affect them. Students have to plan and interact with a client who uses services/practitioners. This portfolio provides students with an increased knowledge of the importance of communication in their future careers as well as giving them increased confidence to speak in front of others through oral presentations.

The second portfolio is researching and learning all about promoting good health as well as discussing current preventative measures and job roles in health through interviews and questionnaires to health professionals who visit school. We have many contacts with professionals from various settings who visit our school not only providing a valuable opportunity for students to interview them and gain an understanding about their roles but also finding out what skills and qualities are required for that role. This is a valuable insight into possible careers and our students are invited to universities to take part in exciting taster days. This autumn we are going to Chester University to research midwifery and benefit from advice regarding the writing of a personal statement in order to be successful when applying to universities.

The exam is about promoting quality care comprising of 10 compulsory questions sat in June of year 12. The syllabus covers attitudes and prejudices as well as the rights and responsibilities of people who use services. Another section is about barriers and the care values as well as learning about codes of practice professional workers in health, education and social care have to follow and how they reflect day to day practice.

By following this course students will gain skills and knowledge of:

  • Communication skills
  • Health promotion
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Mental health provision
  • The provision of care in the local area
  • Social trends regarding changes to the family unit and society.

What are the Career pathways?

This course can lead on to higher education courses including:

  • Degrees in Nursing/Midwifery/ Social Care/Occupational Therapy
  • Degree courses in Primary Education
  • Degrees in Sociology or Psychology
  • Some students use their A levels to enter employment in Elderly Care, Paramedic training and Early Years Care .

What do the students say?

"The work experience, working with young people really helped me with my UCAS application for Primary School Teaching"

"Health and Social Care is an interesting and enjoyable subject which has helped me prepare for my nursing course at University"

"This course is really interesting and it has given me a lot of confidence and I have improved my communication and presentation skills through studying this course"

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