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AQA 7062

This course offers students the opportunity to have a thorough understanding of diverse philosophical and ethical viewpoints. Through studying this A level students will gain critical and evaluative skills sought by higher education and employers. The course is thought provoking and encourages classroom discussions on a range of contemporary themes. Teaching of the A level is divided into three elements. Students will be taught Philosophy, Ethics and will also embark on a study of Christianity.  This exciting course has been constructed to provide a relevant and engaging scheme of work that is straightforward to assess. Students who take will only sit two exams at the end of the year. These questions are broken down into segments.

Students who have studied Religious Studies in the past say…

Philosophy and Ethics can be studied at many universities and can lead to many different career paths. If you have an interest in how religion sculpts the world we live in, and the importance of ethics in careers such as medicine, then you should certainly consider this subject”

“The main reason I enjoy Philosophy and Ethics, is that you can apply it to situations you see in your everyday life.”

Religious Studies compliments a variety of career paths and empowers the student to think about the multicultural world we live in. Religious Studies is particularly useful for students who wish to pursue careers in law, education, social work, politics, medicine, administration or the media. High level skills are developed through research, reading, essay writing and discussion. These skills are highly transferable to a number of university courses and employment. The course enriches general knowledge and helps students develop literacy skills through essay writing.  Many of the Russell group universities see Religious Studies as a subject that promotes high level thinking skills and develops a range of other useful skills that help to prepare a student for university life, it can be desirable for analytical courses such as Law.

In the Philosophy of Religion topics you will study six elements. These elements include arguments for the existence of God, Evil and Suffering, Religious language and experience. In Ethics lessons you will look at several ethical theories and relate them to issues of human life and death and also animal life and death. You will also investigate the idea of Free will and moral responsibility. Assessment of these two topics is by one 3 hour exam that is worth 50% of the A level. The study of religion builds on from GCSE work and looks at sources of wisdom and authority, God, life after death, key moral principles as well as religious identity. It will also look at the dialogue between philosophy and religion and ethical studies and religion. This element of the course is assessed by a three hour exam and makes up the other 50% of the A level.

The Dyson Perrin’s RE department prides themselves on providing students with high quality teaching and learning in small class sizes and revision sessions as well as providing independent study materials to assist transition from GCSE to A level studies. In addition, we offer personalised support throughout the year. From group revision sessions to one to one tutoring. All students are encouraged to share their viewpoints whether from a faith or non-faith perspective. In lessons throughout the year there will be opportunities to practice past examination papers as well as develop a thorough understanding of the marking criteria. All these elements of teaching will support you in achieving your potential in the subject.

Information below taken from AQA website.

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