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Key Stage 4 Textiles

Year 10

In year 10, textile students can expect to complete a BTEC style project based on the theme of Butterflies. This is an introductory project which aims to develop skill in using a range of 2D and 3D techniques. Students will take part in a whole class trip to a butterfly zoo where they take a range of photos to work from as primary sources for further artistic exploration. These images can be edited and manipulated throughout a range of Photo editing workshops using software such as Photoshop. Students will develop their understanding of traditional drawing techniques in response to primary and secondary sources and will explore the formal elements such as tone, composition, line, pattern and texture. Visual recording work can then be translated into a range of textile samples using surface pattern and fabric manipulation techniques. They will explore ways in which they can combine and layer techniques to create imaginative decorative finishes. Their experimental work can then be used to help develop a strong selection of designs for a final piece. Students are allowed to select what they would like to make, whether it be an item for interiors or fashion or an accessory of some kind. Teachers will support students through personalised workshops which will enable students to produce the design they have envisaged. This allows for a lot of freedom and creativity for the students in Textiles.

The second project in year 10 follows a similar format but we use artistic movements through history as a starting point for the project. Students will research and explore various styles of art such as pop art, psychedelic art, cubism, surrealism, optical illusion art, etc. This project involves detailed studies of artwork and students will be taught how to write about artwork using the formal elements. Students can then choose a starting point for their own project and can begin to explore 2D and 3D techniques in response to their own specific stimulus. Students can make any textile item of their choosing and will be supported by Mrs Kaye and Miss Lawrence to develop the skills required to produce their final design

Year 11

In year 11 students continue their second project from year 10 into the first half term of year 11. This allows time for students to develop a high quality product. In January of year 11 students will be expected to prepare for and take part in a practical textile exam. This is a 10 hour exam over 2 days in which students will produce a final piece based on an externally set project brief. The brief will be presented to students in January. They will then have time to prepare research, 2D work, 3D work, samples, designs and time plans to help them with the practical exam. The main focus for this will be for students to know techniques in depth and be able to reproduce them independently as they won't be able to have support from teachers within the practical exam. They will also need to be able to manage their time well so that they are able to create an entire final piece within the 10 hour exam. Students will not be able to complete the work at home and must make their final piece independently under supervision in school. There will be time in the second half of the autumn term to develop these skills in preparation for the release of the brief in the new year.

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