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The Vision of the Chaplaincy team in Dyson Perrins is to create a lifelong exuberance for members of the school community to each reach their full potential through fostering a ‘Love to Learn’ attitude that enables living life abundantly.

Pastoral Support is not just about dealing with problems or trying to ‘fix’ things but it is often about simply being present.  Being a Chaplain in Dyson Perrins allows me to belong to the school community and to be available whether students just want someone to listen or requesting more one to one care. 

Prioritising Spirituality manifests itself in enabling students in their growth and development in all areas; creating opportunities for them to explore broader experiences than what the curriculum offers and giving them every opportunity to ‘flourish’.

The role of Chaplaincy includes being missional which is not only being responsive to need as it arises but being proactive and intentional in reaching out; creating and monitoring meaningful relationships with local churches.

Our Chaplain contributes to the Educational learning of students in Dyson Perrins in encouraging learning and understanding the teachings of Jesus.

Chaplaincy facilitates the expression of mourning, reflection, celebration and remembrance for the school community upholding the traditions the traditions of the Church, paying due respect for its heritage and liturgy.

We join together in Collective Worship in a number of ways here at Dyson Perrins.  We have daily collective worship during form time, weekly year group collective worship that follows the liturgical calendar in addition to incorporating our key School values.  There are often guest speakers from a local churches and organisations that contribute to the Spiritual growth of our students.  Each term we have an end of term celebratory service where the whole school join together to remember the important Christian traditions.  There are annual services such as the Christingle, an elective Eucharist service and Remembrance day in addition to lunchtime clubs, after school services and monthly parent prayer meetings.  Furthermore we hold 6 Reflective Days throughout the year for year 9 and 10 which allows an additional opportunity to engage in prayer and worship in innovative ways. 

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